Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is smoking hot?

As they say.. el ktab embayen min 3nwaneh !

Hmmm maybe not?

Lol.. So.. I was thinking that day of smokers.. I am so against smoking.. I wish I could stop people from smoking.. But .. Somehow.. Sommmmehow.. I find smoking hot !!

Ya3ni sometimes when you see a guy chee standing and he smokes really deep oo chee lol it is somehow hot!
.. Bas to be honest, I would never love ena my future husband smokes wala my kids allah laygool !

So .. How about you? Do you see smokers (girls/guys) are hot?!
.. At least let's say hot to see but not to have lol

I am not asking of your opinion, ya3ni you might be against it nafsi bas still find it hot


Gold Medal Ribbon said...

Wallah il3atheeem u said what's on my mind!:p

Anonymous said...

waaaaa3 mst7eeel :O smoking is soo not hot :s awal mara a3rf ena u think somking is hot :/ !

LaiLa =)

Prince Abdullah said...

Salam, I myself was a smoker (heavy one sometimes) for a very long time..

But, before we get carried away with this, I think you weren't talking about smoking as a habit, but as an act, how does it look and so on, is that correct? Anyway, usually smokers smell will be messed up, or even some visible parts might get affected with time as in the looks, so the conclusion is its not even close to hot (to me).. but good god I loved it lol

stay blessed :)

Standy said...

i think some people when they somke they do look hot, girls and guys..

but the aftermath aka the smell is not so hot =p

Butterfly Chick said...

Gold Medal..
looool.. Good.. zain ena fee a7ad fahem qa9di 3adel :P

la7eenach yahel 3la hal sowalef :P :P

Butterfly Chick said...

Prince Abdulla..
So you stopped smoking? good news :P..
and yeah I am talking about smoking as an act "I guess most started smoking a9lan as an act" ..
hehehe.. about the smelling part.. when I said its hot I so did not think about the smell part :P yeah ur right.. they smell really bad.. ana my dad does smoke and I hate the smell of it! lol you got carried out with the results of smoking.. All what I meant ena when u see a girl smoking, how she is sitting and smoking, the way she smokes ya3ni chee it might be hot :P lol
Anyway, I guess most guys wouldnt find it hot to see a girl smoking !

Stay in touch ^^

Butterfly Chick said...

For me I don't find smoking girls hot, its yuck somehow lol.. bas yeah for guys I agree as I did mention :P..
hahaha and yeah the smell is soooooooo not hot :P

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Lo0ooooL interesting... :) to me girls smoking is totally not hot... can't wait to quit it myself... :(

Prince Abdullah said...

yeah el7amdella finally!
lol yes, I did get carried out with the results cuz thats what came to my mind as a description of smoking and thats what I had to go through in order to stop, I hate how it smells now..

anyway, to me gurls luks Xtra hot when they smoke lol especially those classy ladies with their hats and slim cigs LOL i love that, disregarding the smell part ofc!

Sure will do, you too ^^

Butterfly Chick said...

Bo Ya3goob..
Its good to see what guys think :P..
Yallaaaah.. Try ur best :P smoking is realllllyyyyyyy bad :P

Butterfly Chick said...

Prince Abdulla..
Oh.. So we have two guys with diff thinking :P thats really interesting lol..
Well.. lazm hats oo slim cigz ya3ni? lol.. I'm just teasing u :P..

for me I dun like to c girls who smoke, m3ana I know some ya3ni :P..

Prince Abdullah said...

haha not necessary, but those chicks u knw they r alrdy hot, the slims r just a touch :P
basically the idea behind this to me is that the gurl will be doing something wrong, or inappropriate haha if thats messed up then my bad!

and btw, i dun like guys smoking, i mean they annoy me with smoking, especially after i stopped... maybe thats just normal..

Butterfly Chick said...

hehehehehe,, tha7ktni bas I liked ur reply :P..

well,, its good that you are getting annoyed by those who smoke! ya3ni inshalla 5la9 u will never go near cigz anymore :P..

keep it up (Y).. 7ta sheeshaa manabee :P

Piscean said...

I think it could be hot!! Sometimes I've seen guys and girls smoking in such a way that really attracts my attentions and makes me stare..I don't think it's the smoking itself as much as the attitude of it ;)

Butterfly Chick said...

Yup yup I totally agree..
Thanks for your sweet comment.. Tawa nawar el blog :)