Sunday, June 26, 2011

A New Car?!

Good lazy Sunday morning to all ..

How are you doing today?

I had so much work this morning but managed to finish almost everything thank God..

Recently I am having some problems with the car I am using ! It is not my car, you can say it is the family car.. So I started to think seriously in buying my own car.. The problem is, I am so not into cars.. I know nothing about cars.. So I would really appreciate if you help me with this..

First, before suggesting any cars.. Lemme know what are you driving? Are you happy with your car?

Now.. For your suggestions.. I don’t want a big car.. No JEEP! I prefer it small because I really suck at parking :P lol

So any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I drive a Perodua Kelisa, it's a Malaysian made car, I love the size coz it's easy to park and it's cheap! I drive it since I was 17 hehe! Everyone wants me to change a new car but I refuse! I think a smart two doors is awesome for a petite lady! I want one!

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

We need to know ur budget so we can suggest the right car... a saloon i really like you might wanna think of is the toyota Aurion, its really nice...

Butterfly Chick said...

Emmm I dont have a budget in mind, bas I am planning to buy it myself.. If it is way expensive then I will ask my dad to help me :P

Butterfly Chick said...


When you get used to something it is hard to leave it :P
I like small cars cuz they are easy for parking :P .. Two doors car is nice but not that usefull.. I'm thinking about it too though..

Kuwait's blog said...

I prefer you japanese car they are known for its realibilty and more miliage with less benzene i would really go for camry,nisaan or toyota.

If i were to be in your shoes then i would go for japanese or germen

Anyways it my viewpoint its all upto you

Good luck in buying car and i hope you will choose the best :)

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

I think the best car for u would be a Lexus, it's very reliable and Japanese, oo madri 3an ilba7rain bees HMO wikalathom wayid zaina... Isayara mo wayid ghalya oo it's spare parts are also not that expensive... Of course I'm talking about the Lexus saloon in general, the small one or the big one they are all nice...

zainab said...

I suck at parking too :P lol
mine is honda civic<3 good for a tiny girl like me

Amu said...

go for Japanese !!

Fishah said...


ها شنو قررتي ؟ :))

Butterfly Chick said...

Kuwait's blog..
maybe I will think about Nissan.. Camry mabee :P..
thanks dear.. Most people told me to go for Japanese cars.. So I might do it I dunno yet lol

9ra7a fakart fee lexus.. o e7temal ehya ely a5th'ha bas not now maybe, its a bit expensive oo ana sena ma9ar li metwa'9fa oo mabee a5eth aqsa6 9ara7a.. ma3ana lazem ya3ni :P.. bas mabee min a7een a7e6 3lai dyoon.. so maybe I'll wait shway more then buy it.. bas yeah lexus wayed 7a6tha fee balii :P..

Butterfly Chick said...

whats with girls and parking? hahaha walla kent wayed zaina gabel :( bas maraaa de3amt oo ana ared reewas oo te3aqadt hahaha :P..
I like honda.. Civic is small and nice.. kent emfakra a5eth'ha tara :P.. I'll rethink about it :P 80% of me wants civic now lol.. thanks hun..

hahaha inshallaaaaah :P

bainii oo bainech.. qarat ena mashteri shay looool.. la la kidding.. bas not this year, maybe next year?:P abee asafer i need my money lol