Sunday, June 12, 2011


As you grow up you realize that you are changing.. Lots of changes pass in your life.. You change toward your family, your friends, your lovers..

I wonder why I’m changing like this.. What happened to the moments I enjoyed being with them.. What happened to the memory we shared.. Why I’m getting far away.. Why I’m hiding behind that stupid smile.. Is it a part of growing up..?! Is it normal?! Have u been there?!

As I walk.. I leave them behind .. Looking at me .. Whispering my name.. Laughing.. Crying.. They change.. I change.. Life changes..

New people enter your life.. And you start a new journey .. Loving them, caring for them and trying to forget the people who you left behind.. Is it wrong?.. Is it rude?!.. If not, then why I’m feeling the guilt.. !

In your life, your gonna meet a lot of people.. Some will stay, some will go.. Some will hurt u, others will get hurt by you.. Some you will forget, others will remain forever in your heart.. I wonder which one of them I am in your life..

I might be a bad friend, I might make bad choices, I might hurt I might be rude I might change.. & when I change.. Please forgive me.. Please forgive me for ignoring you, for being such a cruel, for hurting you.. Please forgive me for this change that was made by you..!

Summer, winter, autumn, spring.. I change as life changes.. !!



Anonymous said...

Life goes on. The people who worth you loving them will stay, the people who doesn't worth it will move on :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Maybe somehow, the problem is me running away from ppl I love.. I used to panic whenever I get to someone so close ..

I hope I changed though :)..

Thanks dear :)..

Anonymous said...

Aww your the other way round hehe! I think maybe your not used to them anymore :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Yeah I guess so, and perhaps its wrong but sometimes u cant handle what u feel..

Thanks sweetie for passing by ^^