Monday, June 13, 2011

Gifts Gifts Gifts !!

Hello everyone..

Who doesn’t like to get gifts? Specially if it is for no occasion !

I guess buying gifts for girls is much easier than for guys! Yamken b3d cuz I am a girl that’s why its easier for me to buy things for girls!

Anyway, I would really like to know what kind of gifts would you like to have! For both occasions and non occasions!

For me, for non occasions gifts, I would really like that someone sends me a rose.. One rose would be really lovely just saying I remembered you.. Also a book might work :P.. I am so in love with books! When someone upsets me, again flowers would be nice way to say I am sorry.. For my birthday for example, well.. Hmmm.. Maybe earrings, necklace or bracelet, ya3ni something a bit expensive.. [[ I would not accept it from anyone of course! I am talking if its my boyfriend, fiancée, or husband.. Mmm perhaps a close friends too! ]]

How about you? What would you like to have in a random day, when your upset, in your birthdays, etc…

I would really like to see guys commenting here, I want to know what guys would like to have.. & if any girl have any idea for gifts for guys please share it here :)..

**hugs & kisses for all**


Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Gifts depend on the person himself, different people like different stuff... one example with me wallets are very important and i like to spoil myself with expensive good looking ones, but someone else might say that wallets are not that important and anything would do... But i agree that the perfect gift is one with no occasion...

zainab said...

a red rose from my fiance will make my day<3
can't get enough from roses and chocolates too!

well i hope he gets me an iphone._.

Butterfly Chick said...

Bo Ya3goob..

Okay I agree, a wallet is a nice gift.. bas again its hard to buy it for a guy ! some wud say abee 9'3eeeer ! oo some wud prefer it big! bas most prefer it small so they can put it in their pockets am i right?

Plus, what model, I mean ay marka or from where I, for example, can buy a nice wallet for someone? Ya3ni from where U wud prefer it :p

Butterfly Chick said...

Yeah, most guys may3rfoon qeemat el red rose :P they think we wont like it though we love it !!

haha abt the iphone, is ur bday near? :P lol, inshalla he gets u one soon!

D said...

I hate gifts that would just sit there in my closet or on my desk. For example.. Photo frames, teddy bears, roses (you will hate me for this one :p ) all these stuff I don't really like.

I hate perfumes. Specially from someone close. Because I see it as the gift that people buy just to get done with the headache of finding a gift. Because it's the first thing people think of.

I like gifts that I can use. Beauty stuff and creams for example. SHOES are my favorite gift! Oh and bags as well. Accessories are fine also. I don't like recieving clothes though. Cause they usually wouldn't suit my taste.

As for gifts for men. I like customized stuff. Things I design. If the guy wears bracelets or necklaces (made a genuine shark tooth silver necklace once, for example). If he doesn't wear such stuff, then wallets, designer shades, watches, and cuff links.

that was a really long comment lol :P

Butterfly Chick said...

hahahah.. come on roses are sweet :P lol .. I agree beauty stuff and creams are good gifts, bas shoes and bags I kind of disagree with u in this.. I so love them bas I dun like to get them as a gift l2ana I guess ppl have diff taste, so what if they bought me sth that I didnt like, and oh I am so hard to please at these stuff :P lol ya3ni ga6 79lt bag as a gift but I never liked them lol..

The ideas for the guys are really great, bas do guys like stuff we make or design? I heard of girls making like journals and give it to the guy they love, do guys read it? lol I mean we girls will find it really really really sweet if a guy make this for us, bas is it the same thing around? I am not sure of it :P..

that was a really long reply :P lol I loved ur comment :)

Anonymous said...

I love coffee, a cup of coffee would make my day! I don't fancy rose coz it dry up a few days :D I also like some cute accessories or pajamas LOL :D

As for birthday gift I want a ruby ring LOL :D or a handbag! People who know me should know what handbag I want! I also want pretty clothes and dresses! I'm very greedy hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea about guy, this year I got my fiance an in game pet for his online game! He was sooooo excited and touched! Its a simple gift but to him its very meaningful coz he is a gamer!

Gold Medal Ribbon said...

LOOOOOL if it was for me in non occasions then roses, ice-cream, makeup products would be lovely;p and if it was my birthday then i would love serious stuff like you!:p or a week trip to islands or mmmm a full a lot of makeup products lOOOOOOOOOOl;p

Butterfly Chick said...


I so love pajamaaaaaas <3!!
once my friend bought me one on my birthday.. I so loved it! I still have it :P lol.. Its pinkish with kitten on it 7dha cute !

abt the guys gift.. I guess what u bought was great.. I guess many guys like games or electronic stuff.. Bas u shud know what kind of exactly so u can really make them happy :P

Butterfly Chick said...


I guess we share a lot in common :P hahaha..
I loved the week trip on an island lol thats awesome :P..

Hope you all get what you want inshalla..

Anonymous said...

Ummm for me as a birthday gift I would like a perfume or a watch =D
Oo a gift for guys I have no clue :o

LaiLa =)

Butterfly Chick said...

I wont get u any :P :P
lol (K)

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

The one buying me a gift would ofcoarse know what i like and dislike, which brands i like and such stuff... I never thought of this stuff since i dont expect any gifts from anyone im not used to it...

Addictioneer said...

I'm hard to please. whether it's in occasion or non-occasion I would like to be gifted ipad, iphone, blackberry, laptops and three days in a five stars hotel
Just joking :P

for me, I'd like to be gifted perfumes whether it's occasion or non occasion. My gifts are the same. Perfumes perfumes perfumes

Butterfly Chick said...

Bo Ya3goob..
Trust me even if they know you it still will be hard :P lol .. Yalla hope you get as many gifts as you want in ur upcoming bday :P..

So, you are one of the guys ely e7boon el electronic stuff, phones, games, laptops.. hahaha and about the 3 days in five star hotel lol I loved it :P but you shud do it to the girl you love not the other way around *angel*..

-- for me, I'd like to be gifted perfumes whether it's occasion or non occasion. My gifts are the same. Perfumes perfumes perfumes --

Okay, so your gonna tell me ena what you wrote first was not true? :P ena you wud prefer perfumes over the 3 days in five star hotel? :P lol.. Perfumes is an easy gift to buy I guess ^^