Saturday, October 3, 2009

A New Me!

I wrote this one last year on my birthday.. I dunno why I choose special days to write such sad poems lol .. Hope you like it..
When you find yourself standing away.. Hearing the birds chirping.. Feeling the winds on your cheeks.. You smile.. Walk away.. & realize that you finally made it..

While you walk away.. You keep smiling.. Yet you find a tear rolling in your eyes.. You hide it from everybody.. You hide it from yourself too.. You know you became the strongest person you always dreamt to be.. You don’t want this tear to affect on you.. You pretend that that tear was a tear of joy.. A tear of victory.. A tear that you deserve to let it go..

While you walk away.. You see them standing behind you.. Not even moving.. You knew you lost them.. Or let me rephrase it to better words.. You knew they lost you.. You knew you can do nothing about it.. You knew you gave them a lot of chances.. You gave them all you have.. You gave them your trust and they just smashed everything and dropped it away.. You know you deserve someone better.. Even if you thought they were the best.. You know you can move on forward.. Even when you thought it was the hardest thing to do.. You know you can meet new people.. Even if you have problems with picking them.. You learnt new stuff.. You feel more mature.. Some people say life is unfair.. I say people are unfair.. People who make life be unfair..!

Walking away.. Hearing the birds chirping.. You feel the joy inside your heart.. You can’t stop smiling.. You feel strong.. You don’t need them in your life.. You don’t need to be ignored anymore.. You don’t need to get lied on anymore.. You don’t need to be unwanted anymore.. You don’t need to hear words you never liked.. You don’t need to sit with people who enjoyed hurting you in a way they meant it or not.. You don’t need to get a heart broken every time you see them or be with them.. You finally realize you’ve grown up.. To be someone better.. To be a new person.. Not that person who they used to use.. Not that person who they used to rely on.. Not that person who has never had independent personality.. Now you can make your own choices.. Now you can make your own decisions.. Now you can face the whole world alone.. Because you are more mature.. Because you knew that you can’t trust anyone you meet.. Because you knew that people are not the same even if they were born together..

Walking away.. Hearing the birds chirping.. Feeling the winds on your cheeks.. You feel cold.. You keep holding yourself so tight.. Those tears rolling from your eyes can really warm you.. You won’t forget them.. You won’t forget what you had.. Yet you won’t miss the old days.. You just can’t get over what happened.. Even if you walked miles away.. You might miss what you had once.. But you won’t miss them.. You won’t miss them for your own sake.. Because you knew.. All what you had was fake..

When you find yourself standing away.. Hearing the birds chirping.. Feeling the winds on your cheeks.. You smile.. Walk away.. Wishing yourself a happy day.. And thanking them for all the days they shared it with you.. Even if there were some of days which were the worst ones in your life..


Yooy said...

I really love poetry, and I write a lot of poems about my emotions and I feel like its a great way to express myself. SO, i really really enjoyed reading this poem and somehow at some points i felt like its EXACTLY how i feel right now.
It's so inspirational; i simple LOVED IT XD

lots and lots and lots of love xo


Fejaru said...

Beautiful words, dear. =)
You have an amazing way to express!
I like it, keep it up! =D

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

Amazing words =)

Well done :D

عبـدالله said...

i think anny 7sdtech u back to write in english :(

i try to read it bas kel ma ashoof al klam wayd ba6ny y3wrny o magder agraaaaah

aham shy anny aæ7tht laffa in ur blog ,, good evening :p

Butterfly Chick said...

loool.. yes u r the first :P

glad you loved it sweety.. you know, i used to express myself through writing.. i cant anymore :(.. and i miss that! ..

thanks hun for ur kind reply .. stay intouch :*

Butterfly Chick said...

entii el beauty :*
lol it is hard for me to write again as i said :P bas inshalla i will try ('',) ..


Madry Shako..
thanks dear.. enjoyed having u here and commenting on my post :) ..

Butterfly Chick said...

loooooooooool.. salamat ba6nek :P .. enzain 7awel la :P .. tara el kalemat mo hard.. I dont use hard words :p.. lazem et7awel mara o thentain o thalath :P lol..

ana ba7awel ena anawe3 in my posts.. shway chee oo shway chee :P

thanks for ur visit dear

عالم حبيب said...

Peace be upon you

Beautiful words and wonderful feelings

Sometimes we discover that some people who we give them our sincere sentiments and confidence are not eligible for these feelings and that confidence, this is not the end of life, we must start again, certainly we will find honest people, especially when the relationship for the sake of God

After all, even those people who wept for them , Maybe they wrote the lines in the book of memories, Let us raise our hands to God to guide them


Butterfly Chick said...

عالم الحبيب..

exactly ! .. each word you said is 100% right..

as3adii mroorek a5i el 3azeez o as3adni radek akthar..

hope to hear from u soon :) ..

Matt Parker said...

Really loved it!
The best thing about it is that it keeps you glued to it till the end!!
Tried reading your other posts.Was able to piece together little details :P..My Arabic is hopeless!


Butterfly Chick said...

Hello dear.. I am very glad for your visit and comment on my blog..

I am so flattered, thanks..

It is fine dear, I'll soon post new English posts Insha'Allah.. So stay intouch ;)