Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Break Ups

So he broke up with me what the big deal about it?

He said he doesn't want me.. So..?

Do I really need him in my life? Do I need someone who is welling to give up on me after all these years?

He said he found himself not enough for me.. Thank you for telling me that now.. Thank you for realizing that after all what we had..!!

Sometimes I think guys are stupid.. they spend years of their life with someone then finally they discover that the girl deserves someone better! Said by who?!!

Why on earth do guys do that!

Ok so back to US.. Is it us? Or is it just a single me and a single you!

Are you really done with me this time? You don't want me?

I don't know why I can't get the idea of us breaking up!

Maybe because through all those years we had many break ups!
& I know every break up ends with us fixing things again..!

Uh.. I don't know what is the best for me..

You are not welling to do simple things for me.. I don't see myself asking you for much!
I saw girls who ask their boyfriends to buy them some expensive stuff, I saw girls using their boyfriends..
I never did that to you!

All what I am asking now is for you to be a better person.. For us to live happily ever after! Tell me am I asking for much? Well.. You said I am!

I know we reached to somewhere that we cant get apart! But telling me that you are much better without me makes me think about it over and over again!

You want us to get married, yet you are not welling to go through the marriage steps.. I need you to be the man who I can relay on! Who whenever I fell down, he catches me up! I don't need a man who doesn't know what the future is hiding for him! I need you to plan for us, for our home, for our children.. I need you to be realistic.. I need you to grow up!!!

I hate it when you criticize me!
I hate it when you laugh and keep joking when I am so serious in a subject!
I hate it when you tell me I am ugly!!!!
I hate it when I wear the nicest dress & put the simplest make up then you end up with making fun at me, what I am wearing, & how I look!
I hate it when you don't call!
I hate it when you keep ignoring me!
I hate it when you tease me!
I hate how stubborn you can be!
I hate how un-ambitious you can be!
I hate how you give up on things so easily!
I hate how you want everything to come directly to you in an easy way!
I hate how you can't spoil me!
I hate it when you don't spoil me!!
I hate how you make me cry!
I hate it when I write for you all what I am feeling and my writings end up to be closed in one of your closets!
I hate it when you don't bother yourself to ask about my day!
I hate how I am feeling now!
I hate the tears that are rolling on my eyes!
I hate how much I need you & I can't find you!

& most of all
I hate how much I love you!
I hate how much I can't give up on you!
I hate how I imagine us in our house!
I hate how I imagine my kids from you!
I hate how I see us living happily ever after!
I hate how much I am waiting for you to come back!!


Angel Orchid said...

wayed naas fe denia males or females ma 3endhom e7sas , el3shraa o el7ob 3endhom y'9ee3 bla7'9a

i love your writing :)
good luck hun

Fejaru said...

I agree with all what you have've spoken up for all the suffered girls!
I love it...really! It touched me right here...*points her heart*...

نمووول said...

me no english
you don't need him :)

Butterfly Chick said...

angel orchid..

true.. wayed nas yensoon el 3eshra o eg6oonha wara '9ahrhum..
bas el so2al ehni.. hal a'9a7i eb 7obi 3shan el 3eshra? I mean.. bas l2ani 3ashart a7d o ana ma7ebeh ma3nateh eni atem ma3ah 6ool 3omri?

Mashkoora hun..
glad you loved it

Butterfly Chick said...

fedait ur right here *points ur heart* :P
glad that you loved it and found it touchy..
o allah yab3edna kelna min el break ups ** any type of it! **
thanks dear for your kind reply

Butterfly Chick said...

maybe I dont, & maybe I do..
it is not easy to move on in your life when you were with someone this long..
all what I can say: Mabe3arf gadri ela etha jarab '3airi =)

thanks bro

Angel Orchid said...

long time no see !!!

where r u ??

miss u & ur writing...

Butterfly Chick said...

hello angel ..

walla i dont have time to sign in lately :(

i spend half of the day at work, so gabel kent adesh min el sh'3el to my blog bas 9ar lehum fatra kel ma adesh 3al blog ye6la3 li Access Denied! lol so thats why e5tefait faj2a :P

thanks dear for asking.. i miss many blogs and bloggers here walla..

inshalla i will try to post soon =)

take care