Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flying away..

Like a butterfly.. I fly away..

Have you ever felt like you are lost.. Like you are in a circle and you can't get out from it..? Have you ever felt like the path you are walking at is wrong..? Have you ever felt like you are so weak to go on alone..?

I wonder why I stopped writing.. Is it because I am feeling so empty lately that I have nothing to write about..? Is it because I only write when something bad occurs..? Or is it because I finally realized that my writing is full of rubbish..?!

Sometimes I feel like I am a bad person.. An opportunistic person.. A selfish person.. I feel like I only take advantages from others.. I use people.. I spend my time with them when I feel lonely and as soon as I get bored I leave them behind.. Without caring.. All what matters is me.. What I feel.. And who is the next victim..

I know many people would say this is not me.. But unfortunately this is me.. Those people I left would know that this mean character is me.. I hurt many people.. I hurt people who loved me with all of their heart.. And I am still hurting them..!! It is like I cant stop doing this.. I love them.. And I know whatever I am doing is wrong.. Yet I can't stop it.. And I wish they would never find out..!

Like a butterfly.. I fly away.. I fly with my pain.. I fly with their pain.. I land on a pink rose.. I smile.. I loved them.. I love them.. It doesn’t matter what people think.. It doesn’t matter what they feel.. It doesn’t matter where we go.. it doesn’t matter who would understand me.. I matter.. And that’s what matter..

August 20, 2009
Butterfly Chick


نبض الحرف said...

Butterfly Chick

Your words make me feel sad about you and my self bc i am also hurting those who love me and i love them too. But try to imagine the life without them, then, you would see how you love them and their value in your life. Sometimes, we do wrong things and we feel bad on ourself and this hurt us more than we hurt them. I know your feeling bc i have similar experince but try to do your best to help or serve those who you love and those who love you bc you might not see them one day or they might not see you one day ^_^

Khalid said...

nice words
like it :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Nab'9 el 7roof..
True.. All what you have said was true..
I wish I could.. It is hard to move on like this in a sudden.. So may God help me & help you as well..
Allah layfaregna 3an ely en7bhum inshalla..
Thank you dear for your kind reply..
Take care

3aliya said...

great blog love the colors!

Butterfly Chick said...


you are nicer

thanks dear

Butterfly Chick said...

glad that you did
enjoyed ur visit :) ..