Monday, October 5, 2009

ShrayKum Fee Hal Moo'9a?

Tell me shraykum Free Smiley Courtesy of


Anonymous said...

i don't like it :D

* Sara *

eshda3wa said...

a bit too much for me

Butterfly Chick said...

I agree with u eshda3wa..

thank you dears for passing by .. nawartoo el blog :)

Hope said...

totally agree with eshda3wa
too Much

Butterfly Chick said...

thanks for givin us ur opinion ^^

stay in touch .. ('',)

bhr.qadsaweya said...

its over little bit but nice for party

thanx sweety for visiting my blog

ya36eech el3afya

lemon-aid said...

hate it its too "bleh"

Butterfly Chick said...

ana ba3ad a7esa somehow it is too much o sa3at a7esa it is shway nice loool.. maybe for parties as u said madrii :P .. bas mat5ayal roo7i a7e6 li chee 9ara7a & maybe i will comment at some1 etha chee 7a6a :$ loool

you are welcome dear oo allah e3afeech ya bent deerti :p

Butterfly Chick said...


lool.. i wonder shloon be9eer our reaction when we see a girl 7a6a chee :P !.. lol

thanks for replyin ^-^

Anonymous said...

اي موضة ؟

Butterfly Chick said...

ely fel 9oora ..

el nail polish