Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am in love with my aunt's husband!!!

I know I know the title sounds weird! & many ppl would think "shfeeha thay a7een?!!"

bas kaifee ! I love him!!

OK OK !! layroo7 balkum b3eed please

I love him as I love my brother, my dad, my uncles.. okay maybe a bit more than how much I love my uncles!

Since he proposed for my aunt he was so special to our heart.. he is so nice and funny.. he is so helpful and he wud never say no if you asked him for a favor.. he treats us all very well.. he loves his wife and kids.. he loves his wife's family ( Our Family) he is just the perfect man in my eyes!

I love to travel with him a lot.. he really makes an atmosphere when we travel.. I mean he never get mad at us and he always take care of us.. I still remember that day when we visited Iran and went to a restaurant were you take off your shoes to get inside the room and eat.. so after we ate he went out and brought our shoes and put them next to our feet!! Ya3ni it is like nazal roo7a lee 3end reelna o 7a6 lena el ne3el! oo la mo bas chee.. I remember e5ti kanat labsa hai jooti ely weya 5ai6, meskeen ba6elah leha o 3a6aha !! I don't think anyone wud do this 9ara7a..

To be honest.. I really wish to have someone like him to marry.. o 9ara7a he is a bit like my dad in his behaviors but shway better min el na7ya el deneya lol

I really missed him & missed my aunt

P.S. Don’t get me wrong people! I just felt like writing about him! I only adore him as one of my uncles nothing more ! After all he is part of the family :)


outlaw said...

looks like he's every woman's dream :P

allah y5aleh 7g ahalah

Butterfly Chick said...

I believe he is..

oo e5aleek dear..

nawart el blog

سمو الأميرهـ ..ツ said...

اول ما جفت العنواان انصدمت
بس عقب كملت عآدي لاني فهمت شعوورج
تدرين نادراً ما تلقين نآآس بهالاخلااق
أو يمكن هم موجودين بس النآآس القرآآب منهم يحسون بهم
الله يحفظه لعمتج
ويرزقج واحد مثله
تدوينه راائعه
ومدونة أرووع


دمتِ بوود

Butterfly Chick said...

lool.. yeah bel3amala 76ait hal 3enwan :P
and true.. naderan man7a9el nas chee.. bas al7amdella dam fee nas chee ma3nateh el denya la7een eb5air :) ..

thanks dear