Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Ideas

Goooood daaaay all..!

Ready for valentine? Prepared? Done? I like valentine's gifts to be simple.. To be made by you.. To show the person you love what they mean to you! Last valentine I prepared a scrap book to the person I love.. You may find this link useful if you are planning to do so Love NoteBook Gift or you can ask me if you need help in this :P..

The gift I got was a fruit basket! It was sooooo adorable! I loved it so much! & the fruit was so YUMMY & FRESH! You can visit their site to check what they have and to buy for your valentine if you think they will like it :D EDIBLE

You can always bake something for the person you love.. Some valentine's day recipes:

& as always.. ROSES.. I love flowers.. I love roses.. Roses are so nice to give on valentine's day! For my valentine I baked cookies which hmm well they turned out bad to be honest LOL but anyways I am planning to give him just to show him that he means a lot to me that I actually baked something for him :P.. I will also send him flowers =).. I will show you the picture when its ready inshalla !

So.. Tell me.. What did you plan for?


Leilana said...

Since I'm in a long-distance relationship, I plan on filming a video using this concept: and then emailing it to him on v-day :p

But for when do we get together after, I'm buying him a personalized wallet with his name of it :)

Sadness4ever said...

well, i hv no plans to do but here some of my thoughts

thinkin of somethin sooooo special mmmm i mean buy him/her something that he's/she's been babbling on about for ages

if its too expensive then hv a walk in the park talk abt only the two of u then hv a dinner in ur place i mean first place u met it would be soooo special

for a long distance relationship
mmmm making sooo personal ecard
made a mix cd of songs tht are special from a record both of you listened to alot
watch the same movie at the exact time

mmm f i hv another ideas i will tell u

happy valentine's day for all of yaa ^_^

Standy said...

awwww cuutteee :D

wallah i have no plans and no valentiane :D

Anonymous said...

Well Valentine was amazing !
Got Roses , channel bag ,Chocolate , and 2 cupcakes from my lover ! :)


Butterfly Chick said...

I liked ur idea! so sweet :).. I wish it went as you planned for!

A dinner on valentine together is a great idea! I wud love to do that with the person I will marry one day :)
I hope you enjoyed valentine :)

I spent this valentine doing nothing too :P lol

yaay! I am glad that you enjoyed it! and wow what you got is so great :D allah e5aleekum 7ag ba3ath yarab!