Thursday, February 23, 2012

Swirl Cupcakes

 I recently was surfing the net when I saw Bahrainipreneur's tweet about swirl cupcakes.. It was a day after Valentine's day.. I immediately checked the site and I was so amazed with what they have.. I specially loved the cupcake bouquets they have! It was so nice decorated and I have never seen something like this before!

I called them right away after I checked their site and tweets and they picked it directly! The owner was such a sweetheart! She was so nice and open to any question! I guess I kind of bothered her with calling and asking but she was answering her phone, texting me and emailing me! I have never dealt with someone like her to be honest!

I have ordered blue/purple bouquet:

& my friend has ordered the pink or red bouquet which was available for valentine:

I honestly did not try their cupcakes so I can’t rate for the taste. However I asked my friend who I sent the cupcakes to and he rated them 8 out of 10.
I would give their decoration 10 out of 10! It is so unique and neat! I loved her work so much!

Here are some snoop shoots I got from twitter on what people say about Swirl Cupcake:

If you would like to know more about Swirl cupcake please visit: 
 Twitter @SwirlBH

Wishing her all the best! 

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Anonymous said...

Yummy , and cute idea !

Me likey very much ! =)


Butterfly Chick said...

Yeah I loved the idea..
My friend actually couldnt eat from it at first because he didnt want to ruin the decoration :P

Standy said...

I had to inform you that You have been tagged in one of my blog posts called 'ELEVEN'. Kindly visit this link and continue the topic.

Butterfly Chick said...

awww.. thanks for informing and for tagging me.. I will do it now :D