Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do U Agree?!

""Don't get into a relationship with someone that cheated WITH you. That just means sooner or later, they'll cheat ON you.""

Do u agree or disagree with it? and why?!


Anonymous said...

Well i get the "If someone talks wih you badly about some people then that person will talk badly about you to other people " like "if they do it with you they'll do it to you " as they say , but i don't know what you mean exactly by someone cheated WITH you , can you explain more so that i'll tell you i agree or not :)


Anonymous said...

Totally agree!

Leilana said...


Girls who think they're the exception or that they can change the man are fools.

Vainglorious said...

Agree! If they weren't honest with the person they were with they will not be honest with you

Standy said...


Give the benefit of the doubt,, maybe they can change,,

Butterfly Chick said...

I agree with what you said & I believe in it too.. What I meant is, if someone who has a wife/GF and he is cheating with u on them, he will probably cheat on you with someone else.. Hmm I guess I made it more confused lol .. If you didnt get me please lemme know cuz I guess what I said is not clear I'm sorry :$..

I am with you girls.. & I wud never be someone who destroys someone's else life or relation! If you are serious about me and you dont want the person you are with, then end it and then I can start something with u :)!

It's nice to see different opinion! Would you cheat with someone even if they have someone else in their life? You wudnt feel guilty about it? and to where do u think this will go? Most guys are not serious about the girl they are cheating with.. Its something for their spare time and they usually dun wanna end their marriage over this! It's my opinion anyway and I respect yours :)

Anonymous said...

ok i get it now , well if the person is a player or a womenizer ofcource he'll cheat on you !.

I do agree .

P.S Thank God my boyfriend is the loyal type :) .


Sadness4ever said...

it's true n i agree but i think f its my wife i could forgive her , as i wish it will never happen >_< loooool

Butterfly Chick said...

Glad to know that your happy with your relation :).. Wish you the best dear..

I wish you never face something like this in ur life.. You are a nice person and you dun deserve it!

Sadness4ever said...

ooooh thanx butterfly u r nice person too n i wish u the same n even more happiness and bright all days n nights really thanx ^_^