Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Yummy Easy Dessert!

I’ve been viewing my old recipes which I saved and I saw this one, I had it long time ago and I really don’t remember if I copied it from a blog or an email I received!
Its really an easy dessert and a yummy one! I recommend doing it for children I bet they will love it!

What you need:
1) Nutella chocolate (& trust me everything with Nutella turns YUM!).
2) The recipe says choose sesame biscuit but I used digestive because I love it more.
Kiri cheese
4) Nestle Milk [and here I got confused I didn’t know what milk they mean, is it the fresh normal milk or the sweetened condensed milk, but I used the sweetened condensed milk (7aleeb mu7ala)]
5) Hershey Chocolate syrup (I didn’t use this one because the dessert was sweet enough!)

What we do:
1) First we should have the cupcake containers:

2) Then put in each one big spoon of Nutella chocolate

3) Then put the biscuit. What I did is smashing the digestive biscuit and I’ve put it on top of the chocolate.

4) Beat Kiri cheese with the milk, the put the cream above the biscuits

5) Then freeze it. The more you put it in the freezer the better. After they freeze, flip them and put some hershay syrup above it!

& enjoy eating!


zainab said...

I got it on e-mail too :)

Butterfly Chick said...

its yummy try it :P you can change the ingredients too, instead of the milk maybe u can use dreamweb :P I will try changin and see how it goes lol

Easy Dessert Recipes said...

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Butterfly Chick said...

Yeah exactly! It's an easy recipe and can be made for any occasion!
I am glad you liked it :)

Anonymous said...

What is the ratio of milk to cheese? I would love to make these for Christmas.