Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To end it or to stick with it

How would you know that you are giving so much in a relation where you are getting nothing out of it?! When a girl gets engaged to someone she doesn’t know, she tries her best to understand him, to love him, to love this new man in her life, to talk to him, to share with him every little thing about her own life. When she does that and she still feels that he is rejecting her, that he is hiding stuff, that he has something he didn’t tell, she starts to lose faith on him, she starts to doubt this relation!

In our culture, the girl has to do her best with this man.. Not to get divorced.. Yeah a divorced lady is a shame in our society! Even if it was his fault, still she will turn to be the bad person! And there are few men who would accept marrying a woman who was married before!

I know maybe I am not making sense in all what I am saying.. The problem is, how am I suppose to give someone I don’t know all the love I have in a sudden.. How am I suppose to share with him everything, how am I suppose to solve our problems! What if he was a stubborn person, what if he tried to control me, what if after months of our engagement I still feel that I am not ready to take this step further, that I am not sure about my feelings, that I am not sure about him, that maybe he is not the right person for me after all!

Divorce is something big.. I don’t want to even think about it! I don’t want to take this road.. I just.. I just want to make this work.. The more I try the more he pushes me away.. The more love I give the more hate I receive! I am so confused that I am sick and tired of fighting with him every day.. I am so confused that I don’t know whether I should end it or stick with it and stay with the statement that says every couples won’t get along first because they both came from different environment!

To end it or to stick with it, I know, and I am sure, me and many other girls who would be in my shoe, would surely stick with that man, no matter how bad he is, no matter how crappy he treats us, we just don’t want to be divorced!


amalikrunner said...

Divorce sometimes is a cursed road blessed..

C said...

Sweetie I think if that woman is not married, its better to break off the relationship if the man doesn't really want to be with the woman. Its better to suffer heartache now than having a headache and heartache later :) It might be a blessing in disguise!

Butterfly Chick said...

It might be is.. But in our culture,, its a hard thing to do..

Where have you been ! What happened to your blog?!
In our country being engaged is being married, so to let this relation end she has to get divorced, and no one wud accept that.. I hope it is just a period and things get to normal and she lives happily ever after!
Thanks for ur kind reply, you've been missed :)

Standy said...

enganged is nothing like being divorce.. you can take a horse to a river but you cant force it to drink..

i say break it off.. signs are there and its not starting on a good page and it doesnt look promising.. a guy who is not willing will never will...

you are loosing a lot by staying, and gaining a peace of mind and a stable life by leaving and breaking it off..

i hope my advice doesnt come late..

just dont do the same mistake i did...

the suffering never ends!!!!!!!!!!

Butterfly Chick said...

I am sorry for what you went through.. Well, the problem is not mine, its my friend, and I cant make choices in her life.. Perhaps I am just listening to the ugly parts of him and I got their situation all wrong.. & I just got inspired and wrote this.. I really hope things work between them.. Being seperated is not easy as well as staying with the wrong person.. Sometimes you have to think deeply of what you really want.. Yet its hard to make any step here!