Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Plans?

Good morning All!
I am being so lazy lately.. Well I know I am lazy! But I just feel that I am not having enough sleep! I miss sleeping for more than 12 hours! I miss sleeping till the afternoon! I wanna do this in the coming holiday but I still don’t wanna waste my holiday in bed ><

So what are you planning to do in the new year? Did you plan for anything yet? Going out somewhere?
For me I might wake up late on Saturday then go out at night.. I still dunno where to go but perhaps I will be going out with my cousins!

4 days left for new year! I am so excited I don’t know why! What are the things you are planning to do in this year? Make a list and share it :D!


zainab said...

wow 4 days! I must paln something for us, me and fiance<3
Happy Holidays sweetie ;*

Butterfly Chick said...

Yup you shud :D
Same to you dear :**

Addictioneer said...

I'll go to Sydney fireworks :)
I really can't wait to watch it

Butterfly Chick said...

Enjoy it!
Its nice to spend new year out of your country!
Have LOTS of fun