Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sally's Accessories

I Support Bahrainis

Sally is a girl who started her own home business.. I amleaving you with some of the stuff she is selling.. Enjoy and if you areinterested you can contact her =)

Shepard 40 BD

Rrolex BD 25

3 BD

5 BD

6 BD

20 BD

20 BD

40 BD Rolex for Women

40 BD

Angry Birds for Kids 2 BD

Cartier 30 BD

Ear Rings 5 BD Each

Key Chain 3 BD Each

Philipe Palman 30 BD

You can see more by contacting her on twitter or black berry

Follow her on twitter: @SallyAcesories

PIN: 26E21067

Mobile: 00973 34102924


zainab said...

I liked the rolex<3

Butterfly Chick said...

yeah I forgot to mention that is a first copy >.<