Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Te7eL6eM Time!!

Good Afternoon

Well today abee at7al6am! I am at work now and my neck & back are killing me! I don’t know laish 7a6een chee karasi ekasroon el '9ahar! Ya3ni abee a3arf is it only me or kelman e3ani min nafs el moshkela?
Walla '9ahrii 3awarni o yaz3am karasi moree7a 7ag el pc!
O thani shay el tea boy 7a6 doobah min doobi! I am not underestimating him walla.. Min awal mayait oo I am nice to him when I call him I tell him come please, do this please, copy this please, whatever please! But since I came here he started looking at me and giving me an irony smile [[ he just passed by me grr ]].. I was ignoring his smile 9ara7a and I said maybe he is like this and I was ignoring the way he takes the papers from me to copy it and ask me in a nervy way if I have more papers before he goes or when he tells me I will do your work later! Okay what shall I do if my boss every few minutes give me new papers? And what can I do if I am not suppose to move from my place because I have to answer all the calls?
Anyway I didn’t mind all those, till yesterday I asked him to fax a paper then he started to reply in a nervy way again and I didn’t understand any word from what he said!! The problem is his voice is so so low and he talks like from his nose! And I can't understand him! So since I didn’t know what he was saying, I gave him the fax number.. Suddenly he got really mad! And took the papers from me and told me in a angry expression that it has been seven years for him working here o mo ana ayey a3alma sh'3la [[ btw I am new here, ma9ar li one week! ]]
Walla I didn’t mean to do that! Bas mafham 3alaih! When I told my brother he told me I have to do something about it ena masket lah or atleast ared 3alaih, which I cant do to be honest.. I don’t want to make problems 59o9an o ana tawni yedeeda ya3ni! O I cant be rude to him! I really don't know what to do!
I wonder if anyone of you ever had same situation and what did you do with it?


Anonymous said...

just ignore the office boy... you know it's ramadan and it's not uncommon that some folks get mad without a reason... it sounds like it's been a rough day.. after ramadan if the guy didnt return to normal like human being you might need to slap him :P


Butterfly Chick said...


Well I talked to a girl with me at work and asked her if he is like this or just with me! She said la ohwa chee 6ab3a may7eb a7ad yet2amar 3alaih though sha'3leta chee!!
Anyway I will try to ignore him as long as I can o e9eer 5air lee 3gb ramdan :p

AD_Queen said...

well try to understand why would he treat you in such away !! but no matter what happened be nice with him :) weather ur new or not

just igve him s'time and trust me you will see his good side

all the ebst sis


Butterfly Chick said...

hello dear..
nawarti el blog..
well as i said he behaves like this :p he doesnt like to get orders from others!
anyway i am cool now, i guess i was mad 7azat'ha :p

thanks a lot for the advice ('',)