Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some thoughts

Yallah 9aba7 5air..
I didn’t sleep yet, I was about to sleep but I couldn’t.. I don't know why.. Somehow some old thoughts came to my mind.. I hate thinking about it, and every time I force myself to pretend that it didn’t hurt me and I got over it.. Well I know I did.. but remembering how foolish you were is not easy.. Remembering how people used you is not easy either.. I wonder if trusting people is wrong?
I guess girls get upset more than guys.. And I hate this on us! Maybe because we think a lot or because we don’t forget at all.. I mean we don’t forget the bad stuff that happen to us even if we forgive those people who hurt us..
Shall I wish them a good luck in their life even if deep inside me I hope that the karma takes it place? Shall I pretend that I have a white heart even if deep inside me I somehow hate them?
I feel so weak when I remember those days.. I feel so stupid.. And this make me feel upset.. I know I shouldn’t.. It has been years now.. But when the knife comes from the closest person it kills you.. Well.. It killed me for a while.. I am still believing I am over it.. Thank God for everything..


عبـدالله said...

:( اهم شي يا الفراشة ان احنا نتعلم من الماضي ونستفيد منه

ونعيش في الحاظر ونخطط للمستقبل .

اذا تبين تنجحين بحايتج شوفي جدامج ولاتفكرين في الماضي

اذا سقتي سيارتج تقدرين تسوقين وانتي تشوفين في المراية الجهة الخلفية؟ اكيد لا وهذي حياتج ماتقدرين تواصلينها الا اذا شفتي جدامج

اخوج عبدالله

Butterfly Chick said...

هلا اخوي..
اسعدني ردك ومرورك..
وصح السانك على كل كلمة قلتها.. وانشالله راح استفيد من النصيحه..
يعطيك العافيه