Monday, September 7, 2009

Shoojii <3

Ga3da 3ala el sha6.. Ga3da etemasha6.. Yaha el wawi.. Galaha Shooji.. te te te tetete te te tetete tete tetete tete te..

I like Shjoon's show, she is very adorable! She is funny, friendly and lovable.. I like the beginning song of the show, & I also like "Fayez.. Fayez walla Fayez.. Oo Weeeeee 5ethar 5ethar 5ethar 5ethar 5ethar 5ethar..!!" lool ..
I wont forget to mention how good actress she is.. Et3arf ta'9be6 adwarha 3adel mashalla 3alaiha.. Oo walla she can act better than many elder actors/actresses..
I still remember how she once acted that she was drunk.. lol she really seemed drunk!
I like Shjoon's show & act.. Let me know what do you think of her ('',)..

For those who don't know Shjoon or don't know her show:


Anonymous said...

I like her too she's very good actress and the song is very catchy :P

Blossom said...

i dont like it that much, her show i mean.
for her to be honest she's a very good actress. mn bain el actresses she might be the most real coz most of them are like so fake, y3ni like HELLO IM ACTING ! which is totally wrong !
she started acring very young btw in a show called ( abna2 al 3'ad ) starring So3ad 3bdalla
and here's the link :P
minute 5:43 u will see her in the school , and sure u will recognize her..
be stunned !

Butterfly Chick said...

I agree with you both.. As I said I like the way she acts very much..

Blossom.. loool she looks very adorable !! & I remember abna2 el '3ad ! loool wayed qadeem makent a7eba bas lol though I don't remember that Shjoon was acting on it..

Thanks dears for comminting