Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I read this amazing article and wanted to share it with you.. Really amazing

Eassy the duck is a strange case indeed! This duck happens to think that it is a dog!

Eassy's owners picked him up when he was just a duckling and soon afterwards he was walking along with his adopted brothers, dogs Rashka & DD, which cared for Eassy like he was one of their own.

Step & Tony, who are the parents of these three "dogs" explained that they get tons of attention from neighbors because they are so funny! Even other dogs in the neighborhood come over to Eassy with excitement, and sniff him and wag their tails to greet him.

Eassy walks with his brothers everyday, which walk a bit slower to make sure the duck doesn't get left in their dust.

Eassy also has his own leash and his own bed to sleep in near his brothers.

Isn't he so adorable?


Anonymous said...

LOOOL the duck is sooo cute <3


Butterfly Chick said...

hello pink, how are you dear ('',)

yeah he is so adorable <3

I love ducks..

I will soon post some pictures of my ducks :$

قوس قزح said...

LOL . nice story
wooow , hope people listen and understand,
Greaaat ,
sweetie & funny