Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ramadan Kareem

Hello everyone..

I am so excited tonight.. I really feel happy..
I didn't have the time to congrats you on Ramdan.. Embarak 3alaikum el shahar..
So how is Ramadan with you? What do you watch?
For me I like "Um El Banat" the most.. It has a nice story.. I can't wait to watch how So3ad Abdulla will change..
I also watch "Muneera" & "Zaman Al 3ar"..
How about you? What do you watch? And what do you prefer the most out of all those episodes?
Waiting for your replies =)

Butterfly Chick


عبدالله said...

I didnt see any musalsel :D im serious

sometime i saw khosa bosa and i like shaikhooo she is cute ,, hahaha

Butterfly Chick said...

My cousins were talking about 5o9a bo9a that day & they said it is nice.. I didn't get the chance to see it yet :P..

thanks for your comment =)

عبدالله said...

why u wrote in english is ur mum from other side of earth : O

maybe u dont have arabic char. in ur keyboard

Butterfly Chick said...

lol.. Well.. Umm.. I don't know what to say :p.. But change is good I guess :p.. & I can express myself more in English :$..

Anonymous said...

I like " Um El Banat " the most l2ana wayed 7elo oo e9ay7 :P

pink ballon

Butterfly Chick said...

lol you like it l2ana e9aye7?

lool.. well yeah I cried a lot the day that 9ager died =(

Anonymous said...

i agree... english is more expressable than arabic... keep it in english +_+


Butterfly Chick said...

inshalla I will =)

thanks for your comment dear