Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What are friends for?

I tried to write.. I tried to express myself.. I tried to express my anger.. But I couldnt let it go.. I just cant talk about this.. Its too big.. Too big for me to think about.. Too big for me to believe.. Too big for me to imagine..!
I cant believe that you actually doing this..! I cant believe that people are so stupid! I cant believe that people run from their problems this way! Screw it..
What friends for? Share it.. Talk about it.. Cry.. Shout.. But dont do this..! Not this! You are walking in a wrong path.. So wrong! STOP.. Please.. Wake up and see where you are going! Wake up!
Its so sad.. So sad that I wanna talk about it but I cant.. So sad to see your friend drowning and you do nothing about it.. So sad that I wish I could help.. So sad that I still cant think about it because it hurts.. So sad that I dunno what to do!
What friends for? Shouldnt I talk to you? But how.. How..!!
What friends for? What friends for if they cant be there for each others! Screw those people.. Screw them.. No one is perfect.. We all done mistakes.. But it doesnt mean going further.. It doesnt mean doing more.. It doesnt mean we cant stop! It doesnt mean we are bad persons! It doesnt mean we have to stay bad to the rest of our life!
I hate how I am feeling.. I hate how pissed I am.. I hate how I dunno what I am writing.. I just wanna write and write.. I wanna let this out.. I wanna shout at you.. I wanna slap you.. I wanna slap her and blame her! I wanna hug you so tight and promise you things are going to be right.. I love you..

Thank you God for everything.. Thank you God for being always there for us.. Thank you God for forgiving us.. Please God.. Help her.. Help her to go through this.. Help her to stand on her feet again.. Help her to be stronger..
I believe.. That tomorrow is a better day.. I believe that the better days yet to come..


amalikrunner said...

No one is a friend. :) You came alone, you remain alone, and you will go alone.

Although on your way back you will meet thousands or millions of humans but they just change some things in you from what you were when you were born.

That's all.

Addictioneer said...

If we have something to give to help our friends we will not hesitate to help

Sometime friends in problems don't listen to you when you try to guide them to the right way

Sometimes... "listening" could get your friend's problems to be solved or avoided rather than reaching to direct help

Standy said...

some poeple just need to crash and burn for them to learn a lesson and they would never listen to the voice of sanity..

i do hope she gets back with reality, help her however you can and dont give up even if it means no more friendship, at least you have tried..

Butterfly Chick said...

I have to disagree with you in this.. I dunno what you've been through to not believe in friendship.. But friends to exist.. & real ones do exist too!
& sometimes.. Changes to the better are good.. So if they do change me to a better person, I will be the winner :)..

Butterfly Chick said...

True I agree.. Sometimes those who are in troubles dont listen.. They think whatever they are doing is right.. & sometimes those who listen really change and think over and over about what they are doing..

Butterfly Chick said...

Strongly agree! This is what I told my friend.. She has to get hurt for her to understand that what she is doing is wrong!
Thank God she got hurt and she is back to the right path :).. I hope she never change it!

amalikrunner said...

Sure :) I just believe in temporary settlers - who come into our lives and then leave then sure change me from who I am to who I am today and to who I will be tomorrow.