Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I am a big fan of food.. I love food.. I cant stop eating.. I adore food..!
I am not fat but perhaps I am in the process of becoming fat lol, my mom keeps telling me not to eat much but I really cant resist food =(..

So I thought starting from 26 November I will go on diet! For two months! Hopefully I can make it! I will start eating less and will start to exercise.. I really really need to exercise!
So I would appreciate it if you have any suggestion on the kind of food I can eat and the food I cant! And what kind of exercise I can do.. As I said I am not over weighted, but some places in my body need to lose weight =P lol..

So any suggestions please?


zainab said...
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zainab said...

join aerobics classes it's so much fun
+ eat more salads and less from every thing!

amalikrunner said...

Well if you tell your mind a diet it won't work - It must be a life changing decision and called a life-style change in the way you do things and what you eat and how to use what you eat.

You can try th 'Atkins Diet' it is very useful, do some research but avoid too much carb food like 'Rice'/white bread or arabic khoobus/no sodas, etc.. I won't make it any longer you'll figure it out once you jump into it.

Addictioneer said...

As you know... Am thin :)
Though I can tell you how to go on a diet by telling u the contrary of what I do :p

Stay away of the creamy fatty food. It's so hard but you have to do it

Eat salads. Replace white bread with whole wheat one. Eat less

The most important thing you have to do is to control your appetite after exercise.Because you know after exercise you'll become very very hungry

Good luck