Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can You Solve It?

Helloooooooo Sundaaaayy

On Thursday before I leave work, my boss gave me a paper saying you have one minute to solve this.. I was like Hmmm !

I read it and read it and read it, I only answered question 2 and 3

Hahah.. But I didn’t give up, I know this person who is so smart mashalla mashalla <3, I sent him the exam and he solved it in less than 1 minute :P!!

Okaaaay so I cheated whats the big deal :P I told my boss that someone else helped me with it, a9lan he didnt believe ena ana 7leeta broo7i kamel loool :P

Anyyyyyywaaaaaaaaay.. Yallaaaah I wanna see your answers :D.. Its fun give it a shot.. Will be waiting =)


Prince Abdullah said...

yeah looks nice, to be honest I've solved similar questions to number 2 & 3, but here is my full answer

1. its weekdays, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday, so the rest of the answer is M T W T F S S

2. add a single stroke to any of the plus signs to make it look like a 4. this makes the equation perfectly correct.

3. Write Anything!

4. I thought about this a lot and since it comes after question 3, I figured its the same trick, so we do draw a complete rectangle with four sides and then draw 3 lines inside it!

anyway it took me around 5 mins to finish it, so i fail!

and btw there is a spelling mistake in q1 lol

Butterfly Chick said...


hahahah.. yeaaaah you solved it right :P loooool .. aham shay 7aleeta 7ta law it took u 5 mins :P ana tara thani so2al mo chee 7leeta.. i just wrote ena it doesnt equal to the answer ! oo meqtan3a eb jawabi :P..

hahaha didnt notice the spell mistake :P