Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Knock! Knock! Is there anybody in here...?!

I can't believe it has been 3 years since I have last posted! Well.. almost 3 years !

I forgot my password.. I even forgot how to add a new post lol I guess I am just getting old!!

Hmm.. so anyone is here?! Any of my old readers?! New ones?!

I dunno why I came back here..  I missed this place.. It was like a home to me.. I enjoyed writing whatever I feel and whatever I want to say here.. without someone to judge!..  A lot of things changed in my life.. Other than getting married I have a son now.. 1 year old..

I have been thinking a lot lately.. About a lot of people who crossed my life.. I used to believe that if you think of someone they might be thinking of you at the same time.. Do you believe in that?

If anyone is here reading that.. Let me know your answers.. I would love to know if there is someone out there who is thinking the same!

Have a great month!


Nibras said...

Well I read this. Saw it via a tweet from Bahrain Bloggers

Butterfly Chick said...

Hello Nibras.. It is good to know that someone was here :)
Have a nice day!

Abdullah Malik said...

Do you remember me ? Malik - ... I use to post here 3 years ago.. good luck with the son and marriage. your in bahrain? If i am not wrong

Butterfly Chick said...

Hello Abdulla!! Sure I do remember you :)!!
Thanks a lot dear.. Good luck in your life too :).. & yeah I am from Bahrain :)