Thursday, August 30, 2012

Truth or Dare

I was never a big fan of this game.. I always get embarrased when I play it! Perhaps because I am a shy person so I don't feel comfortable to be asked some private questions! I dunno why people ask these kind of questions! Such a stupid ones and the purpose is just to know more about your private life! It sucks!

Okay let's play? I wanna know more about you, your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend and the questions go into a very deep details! I sometimes also wonder how could people answer to these questions! Why would you answer? Why would anyone say the truth? Or are they saying the truth?

** Have you ever tried any drugs?
** Hmmm.. Silence << which would let you think that this person did try drugs.. Then a smile.. Then a NOOOOOO of course NOT!

Usually when someone asks me a private question I go red! I dunno what to answer and I stay silent.. I don't play this game I get forced to play it.. YEAH LET'S PLAY! LET US ROLL THE BOTTLE .. BOOM BUTTERFLY YOU ARE THE FIRST TO BE ASKED! ....!!

I also wonder why its easier to answer questions rather than accepting the dare! Perhaps because when people answer they can lie, but there is nothing to lie about in daring!

I suck at answering questions & I suck at even asking questions.. I thought this game is fun, but since I have been there I knew that people only play it to get into each others privacy.. Or perhaps it is how people do it here..

I am off to bed.. I have a bad headache today.. I have been thinking a lot on shutting this blog of.. I might be doing it soon.. Perhaps yes and perhaps not.. Will see how it goes.. Good night all and have a great weekend..


Anonymous said...

I don't like truth or dare either :( . Don't shut it down !.. will miss ya :(


Anonymous said...

Aww don't you ever shut it down babe! I never play this game hehe, maybe I don't have good girl friends around :)

Waleed Addictioneer said...

I never played this games. It never happened that my cousins suggested such game. I don't know why but I say it's because we're very open to each other. We aren't even shy. We would even sh** on each other and tomorrow will like nothing happened

However, I'll never accept to play this game if I'm asked to... Stupid game as you said

You didn't talk about alternative blog and you seem to be so sad in this blog post
So I would say:
Don't shutdown this blog bfly... Plz